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    Casara Heaton

    Hello all!

    To further protect our members information, we recently made some changes that may affect how you all login. We have implemented login limits as well as a new stricter firewall to help mitigate continuous login attempts or “password guessing”.

    What this means to the majority of you is:

    If you fail to login 5 times within a small amount of time, you may be blocked from the website for a larger amount of time.

    This means you will have NO access to the site. If this happens to you, either be patient and come back another time or switch your network.. for example try to access it from your mobile phone’s network or vice versa – change to wifi.

    I encourage the forgetful site member to utilize saved passwords or sign up for a free password service, like LastPass. These services help you create strong and unique passwords for each site you use – saving you time and making your online experience more enjoyable. 🙂

    I will be watching failed logins more closely initially and am able to whitelist the most forgetful if needed.

    As always, you can reach me at [email protected].

    Yours securely,



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