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    Has anyone heard from Jerry, Jason, Eric or Jim & Doris about Perryville damage?

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    Dan Prater

    Just spoke to Sam, Jim and Doris aren’t at the campground they left to check on their house in Perryville. I’ll update when I hear back from them

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    Dan Prater

    Just spoke to Doris, their house is ok and sounds like it missed Jason and Eric’s area also, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of him.

    River is at 23 inches now and there are half a dozen boaters in the parking lot


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    I haven’t heard direclty from Crazy Jerry, but everyone else is fine.

    We all live South of town, and all the damage is North of Perryville.  There’s pretty heavy damage between Perryville and Brewer.  I haven’t really seen it first hand yet, Hwy 61 north of TG is closed.  I did hear it strecthed several miles west of the interstate, and maybe all the way to the Mississippi going east.   But there aren’t a lot of homes in the path from 51 to the river (mostly farm ground).

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      Crazy Jerry’s a roofer, he’s probably busy as the proverbial one legged man in a… 😉

      Hope Crazy Jerry’s got a lot of good work to do! 🙂

      John Kuthe…

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    Spoke with Jerry this AM.  He and family OK since they live south of town. Luckily, he missed by 10 minutes being on I-55 when all hell broke loose.  As further proof of his survival, he said he was boating yesterday.


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