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    Casey House

    I posted this question under the pinned thread above- but I am curious as to if the film Saturday evening will be cancelled or postponed due to the pending possibility of inclement weather with ice accumulations Thursday into Sunday. And if so, will there be a refund or (hopefully) a rain-check?

    Casey House

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    Hi, Everyone.  I know Mother Nature is being awful to us but we had decided early on to make this a rain or shine event since we have guest speakers and a lot of preparations that cannot be postponed. The Amazon Event is going forward!

    Unofficially, whats going to happen is I will have a free encore event to make sure everyone gets their value. I’m sure West Hansen won’t be at the encore event…but it is the best way I have of reassuring you that your investment to the paddling community is not a waste.

    Travel only if its safe!  I sure wish it had not worked out quite like this. I love ice storms…just not on the day I have an event that a dozen people put their heart and soul into.


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    Casey House

    Thanks Jojo!!

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    Casara Heaton

    Great idea Jojo!

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    Any chance of a few tickets at the door?     If the weather doesn’t get too bad we are going to try and make the trip.

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