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    Terry, Levi and I just returned from a great trip out West to kick off the summer! The edit below is from a great section of whitewater found just south of Eugene, Oregon.   While Terry was out of commission, Levi and I squeezed in 2 good laps!

    On our first run, I managed to have a rather scary broche while running a tight chute with a log on one side.  At first, I felt I had simply wedged in a “no big deal” spot, and proceeded to try to work my way off the rocks.   As I shifted the boat to try to free it, the severity of the situation started to increase.  Water had begun to pile on the stern, forcing my cockpit slightly upstream.  In this position, a loss of stability can result in a head-down pin…

    Only seconds after bouncing into the broche, I looked downstream and made eye contact with Levi.    Levi caught a quick eddie and made a beat line up the bank.  After assessing the situation, he pulled some spider man moves and pulled me free of the pin.

    This was a really good reminder of just how important it is to keep an eye on your paddling partners.  It doesn’t have to be the most wild whitewater to put a paddler in trouble…

    Stay safe!

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    Levi Rhodes

    “…Pulled some spider man moves and…. PUSHED HIM IN FURTHER, MUAHAHA”

    Thanks for video chris.

    For anyone who may paddle this over the next few seasons, if the logs are still there, stay right at the 2 islands.  Scout anything you can’t see.  Remember to breath between giggles.

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    Nice save levi! Great runs guys! Dude did look like spiderman jumping over to the rock u was pinned on. Good job guys!

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