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    Saturdays: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM, January 8 through February 26

    Sundays: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, January 9 through February 27 (pool slalom on Feb 20)

    Max Enrollment (per session): 15

    January – February 2022 Saturday (3:00 to 5:00 PM) and Sunday (12:00 to 2 PM) open pool paddle practice at Mehlville High School is open for registration. Go to Mehlville Community Enrichment to sign up.

    Bring your whitewater kayak and practice strokes, rolling, play moves, etc. in the warm pool to get the rust out in time for Spring paddling. The registration cost per person is $40. Kids 16 and under are free.

    Please note, the Sunday session is geared for families. If there are families with kids who would like to swim, a buoyed rope will be installed at the shallow end to allow a boat-free zone for kids to swim. Kids who are mainly swimming do not need to register online. Teens under 16 who will primarily paddle need to register, but will not be charged.

    A few other details: walk-ins are $5 payable to the lifeguard upon arrival, provided there is room in the pool. Prior to coming to the pool as a walk-in, please check with Cathy McCredie. The maximum number of boats that can be in the pool is 18.

    For those who enroll, your enrollment is not transferable, meaning if you are going to miss a week, your friend cannot attend in your place (but they can “walk-in” for $5).

    Please be respectful and careful to follow all of the rules and guidelines set forth for using your boat in Mehlville’s pool. And help make sure your fellow paddlers do the same. (Pool rules are provided when you enroll online or, for walk-ins, when you pay.) We are extremely lucky to have this pool resource and making sure boats aren’t damaging the premises or leaking dirt and debris into the pool always helps when Mehlville is making decision about the future.

    If you have any questions about the sessions, please contact Cathy McCredie.

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