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    Had a chance to get a feel for the Medium Dagger Newmad….

    After paddling the 8.5 version of this for 2 years, I feel this is a completely different boat.    More rocker up from for sure and took away, or slimmed down, the rear;    I have spent alot more time tombstoning this boat than ever before in the older model…

    Quicker for sure; More edge for sure;   Feels like a Mamba with more suitable creeking rocker…

    If you are looking at buying one, just let me know and I’ll let you take mine for a whirl

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>What is tombstoning?</p>

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    Levi Rhodes

    I’ll let Chris explain, but in case he doesn’t – Tombstone = back ender…  if you go slow enough through a hole or slower moving current, the faster current from behind will grab your stern and push it under water sending your bow into the air. basically like doing half of a backflip.   Chris moved his seat forward shortly after posting this and has enjoyed the boat much more.  It’s his boat of choice to this day.


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