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      New Wave Mongoose For Sale

      Asking $300. Boat is in great shape. I’ve used it a total of 4 times since I bought it summer 2014 and all of them were at the Saint, but it just doesn’t fit my body like I want. Located in Jackson, MO.
      8’11” long, 24.5″ wide. 63 gallons. 40lbs. Rec paddler weight 140-230lbs.

      Multiple pics here:

      Review I found online:
      Still one of the best big drop creek designs ever.
      I paddled one of the first Mongooses out of the mold for six years (1995-2001) until I finally wore it out. I still have my second one.
      Test environment
      I’ve used a Mongoose on over a hundred creeks ranging from trickles in the backyard to sick class V+ huge drop pool monsters.
      Hands down this is one of the best creek boats ever designed. At the time, it was a short boat; by today’s standard, it’s a long boat. However, the major rocker starting at just behind the seat makes it so there is only about 7 feet of boat in the water, making it spin and turn like a much shorter boat. The extra length in the front gives you lots of speed when you need it; just lean forwards and stroke hard. Lean back, and you are almost guaranteed to spoon out on the bottom of ledge drops without hitting the nose on the bottom. The bulkhead saves your ankles if you do hit, but since this boat boofs like a dream, you don’t hit much. And it even rolls easily.

      Drawbacks are few. The outfitting sucks, but that was life in the 90’s… you were expected to glue pads in and add a backband if you needed one (I do, and I did) There are two little divots in the top deck for your hands to rest in when you get into and out of the boat… if you have a lot of gear in the boat or are heavier than 180 lbs, sometimes this cups catch on side currents and flip you.
      If you can find a Mongoose in someone’s garage, buy it, and use it to run that 25 foot+ waterfall you’ve been meaning to try but have been too afraid to run because your don’t want to get stuck in that gnarly hole at the bottom.

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