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    Surf East Small ladies wetsuit approx. 3mm, fits 5′ to 5’6, $50.00 plus shipping
    Seals mariner spray skirt, use with suspenders or not your choice used 1 time by my gal, used mine much more, #159.99 retail $100.00 plus shipping
    Seals neoprene pro shocker skirt size 1.7 used 2-4 times, $159.99 retail, $100.00 plus shipping.
    Seals poly cockpit cover size 1.7 $49.99 retail $35.00 plus shipping,
    North Shore Incorporated adjustable anatomic White water back band with lumbar support, new, never used or installed. $79.99 retail, $55.00 plus shipping.
    Seal Line Smart track control system, adjusts foot rails up, or down, whichever you prefer. Custom fit your ride to be more comfortable.$39.99 retail $20.00 plus shipping
    eTrex Venture HC GPS with original box ,paperwork, CD program, Ram mount. total $175.00 retail, $100.00 plus shipping. Works great, was given a bigger unit
    last xmas from my mom, don’t need 2
    MSR Whisperlite international,4 years old still in great condition, works great. Got a duel Fuel for my birthday so selling this one. $100.00 retail, $50.00 plus shipping.
    EJ’s Rolling & Bracing Video, new condition, no scratches. $30.00 plus shipping
    all gear will be sold for best offer, please do not be afraid to make offers, got rid of some boats and peeps did not want extra items.
    G George
    Four 1 seven- 9 nine 3- four 9 five 9

    I could not figure out how to install photos, sorry.

    call for photos

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    no offers? gear is all in great shape.

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    Levi Rhodes

    Old Mountains Gear Exchange in St. Louis does fair consignment.  Might be able to help you sell some of the leftovers.

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    sold 1 mariner skirt, and the neoprene skirt.

    Thanks levirhodes.

    Thanks to all,   I am looking for an rc boat, not toy grade, but hobbie grade, Gasoline, electric, or nitro.  G George

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