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    First, there is an MWA meeting at Olympia on Tuesday, Nov 12 at 7:00 p.m.  See you there!

    Second, some quick notes from the meeting at the MWA picnic on September 7:

    The slate of candidates were elected to serve for the next two years –

    • Scott Becker, President
    • John Biermann, Vice President
    • Steve Janney, Treasurer
    • Eileen Lenkmann, Secretary
    • Dave Kovar, Member at-large

    We also talked about the upcoming pool classes and the pool slalom at St. Louis University (SLU).

    Because the club is in good financial shape, we are willing to donate some money to other organizations that support our general mission of promoting paddling or river access.  If you have ideas, please let any of the club officers know and we can bring it up for club business.

    It was also announced that Jo Newbold would be the clinic coordinator (again) for 2020.

    After the picnic, we were able to talk to more people, and I am pleased to let you all know that Sally Haywood agreed to be the Float Director, something that we have not had for several years.  It also means that this is the first time we have a full board in a long time.  Thanks Sally!  If you have any ideas for trips, or you want to volunteer to lead a trip, please let Sally know.  She has already posted about a possible trip about sea kayaking in the Baja California area.  Eileen also mentioned a float in late December, and I will try to remember more or get more information for the meeting.

    The club is looking for more whitewater instructors.  We are willing to supplement the cost of the training, and we are planning on doing it locally.  We are also looking at hosting an instructor recertification, and supplementing that as well.  Look for more details in the future.

    Finally, Aldara Henderson has volunteered to be the race director for 2020.  It would be very helpful for her and the club if we could get a lot of volunteers to work on the planning for this central club activity.

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