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    Looking to borrow a Jackson Star for 15 YO niece Rebecca to use in the playboating clinic 4/17-19. More than happy to repay the kindness in favorite beverage or equivalent… [email protected] Thanks!

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    I have a rockstar medium that she can use. Boat is small for a medium. I know you live close so feel free to stop by and check it out.

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    Don-I have two options for you–I have a star that has a crack, leaks a little, unsure of when that crack will really CRACK wide! Or she is more than welcome to use my rockstar. Just let me know–I can bring down, as we will be there Fri nite!

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    Dave – thanks, we will be in touch…

    Paula – thanks… Is the Rockstar a small or medium? If medium, we will probably go with Dave’s, since he only lives about a mile from me.

    We really appreciate both offers, thanks much!

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