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      Conservation stuff… Every once and awhile I force myself to do the paperwork required for this job. 😎
      Getting into summer there’s quite a bit of things to do if you’re interested in saving the planet and that kind of stuff. Check out the Open Space Council’s website https://openspacestl.org/ These are the people who put on The River Des Peres and Conflunce trash bash along with Operation Clean stream which is a fun event for the club. And of course there is the Missouri Stream Teams website with all sorts of cool stuff to do educationally and with river clean ups. If you can go to one of the Jacks Forks or Current River clean ups both are fun trips.
      I went to the Operation Clean Stream kick-off meeting last week (save the date, August 24th) The crux of the meeting seemed to be this year OCS does not have the support it has had in the past. MDC can’t pick up the trash and tires this year and some of the canoe outfitters have scaled back their support also. Sooooo.. They are looking for some help from us volunteers. They would like us to take care of our own trash disposal. This is not a big deal for us since we take out at the park and can use the dumpster there. Still working out the details on tire disposal. But if someone with a truck would like to volunteer to take them to the disposal site please pm me. If there are just a couple I can take them. Mark Wehking put on a nice BBQ last year. Mark can’t make it this year so we’re looking for help cooking some food and guarding the beer coolers.
      Couple of dates coming up you may be interested in, May 9th is #GiveSTLDay You can donate to the Open Space STL to help them continue to do good work. July 26th is Paddle After Dark at Simpson Lake, There will be live music, Food and Drink, Bring your boat or you can rent one there. I’ll post more on this one also as I get it
      On July 27th is the Stream Team annual picnic at Meramec State Park. More food and drink, Raffles, Prizes lots of Conservation stuff.
      We are tentatively going to do Another Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring test on June the 15th at Thompson Ford on the Little Saint Francis. Come on out and count bugs! This is an awesome thing for kids. If you’d like more info shoot me a message. (most importantly I finally sent Shirley Lerche her T-shirts from the last one.)
      Ok, I think that hits all the high points. As always if you have any questions, if you want to get more involved, please give me a call. Conservation committee is a pretty lonely place and I’d love to get your input.
      Thanks everyone and SYOTR!

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