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    I would like to here from the MWA experts on the Remix,Stomper and Flying Squirrel. I am in the market ,but would like to hear your stories/ theories on these boats. The Good , Bad and the Ugly. Thanks

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    I have a Flying Squirrel 85.  It is very fast, almost to the point of unnerving.  Punching through waves is easy peasy, as advertised.  In big water, point, paddle and go, you will make your line.  It turns well but, I have no comparison to other creekers/ runners, as this is the first I have paddled. Edging is great!  As far as  I’m concerned, I’m paddling a Barcolounger/Ferrari.  Love it!

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    Thanks for your take troutdude.I am looking at the Squirrel .

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    Trent im not a expert, but remix xp10 great boat real sturdy kinda fast used class 3 to pond water, skag great for fishing. a all around great boat EASY EASY TO ROLL over! Just sold mine though have to many boats i now have the flying squirrel 95 big comfy quick QUICK QUICK! Did i mention quick haha anyway LOVE THE BOAT easy to punch through holes and took some getting use to but man i can lay it on its side and still be incontrol! Some what easy to flip though when ur not used to it like me for the past couple runs but i understand the boat and feel one with it just insane boat if i have to say either or def flying squirrel best buy! Very easy to combat roll in it as i found out last weekend at the clinic. Hope this helps you out check out my sweet new video of seal launch just after cats paw and you can see the squirrel in action! Give you a consumer report

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