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      Curtis Ahlers
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      Last night I caught my neighbor dumping is car oil down the sewer drain. He is a foreigner and I’m sure where he grew up this was an acceptable action but we have already told him once that this isn’t acceptable here. I don’t want the guy to get in trouble because he is a nice guy but i also don’t want oil in the¬†Meramec river. Who would I call to maybe put some sense into the guy?

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      Michael Goforth
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      You told him once….you tried. Bring in the heavy hitters. Tell your neighbor I said he’s a piece of shit….:

      The 24-hour EPA Region 7 Emergency Response Line at 913-281-0991.

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      Steve Stilwell
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      You can call St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) 314-768-6200

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      Don Dufaux
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      Maybe take him over to your local AutoZone (Advance, O’Reilly’s…) and show him how they will recycle the oil for no charge…?

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