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    Kayaker vs Sofa


    If this catches on, maybe the next Olympics can be held over there en la Republica and they can run the whitewater events on the Town Section of the Yaqui del Norte…?!?  (I don’t remember – was it you or Dag that got pinned on the television?  Or was it a washer / drier? ;- )

    p.s. jw…  I am officially requesting that this event be added to the 50th anniversary Missouri Whitewater Championship.


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    I thought they used submerged sofas to make the obstructions for the rapids?!  Maybe one came loose!

    Watch for more collisions – live streaming of Olympic Slalom today (Sunday) at 10:30 am CDT.

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    Freddie Carter

    That would have been me with Dag watching. I was in an RPM MAX, and when I leaned back, it lifted the TV up in the air ! Bout a 25″ Console model …. Not long after a hurricane blew through. If you remember, one year in the Lower Canyon Run, we were all boofing an angled, full size Washing Machine. They have just totally repaired that road down into the Canyon to search for the body of a 75 yo man who went to bathe in the Yaque at flood stage, and was swept away ! Bad for him, good for us !!

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