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      The Web site is amazing. I don’t get into town much, don’t see the people as much and don’t hit the river as much though I am working on all three of those. (Know of any jobs for a journalist in St. Louis, let me know). But the web site amazing. I put up the first one so 20 years ago and it’s amazing how different that site was compared to this. Yes, I know, coding is better, browsers are better and what not. but the web masters always get grief. The site’s amazing. Kudos.


      Andy in Peoria (but hopefully soon in St. Louis)

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      We are trying to keep positive post about the MWA leadership on this board to a minimum.

      No really they have done a great job with this and all other aspects or the club.


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      Casara Heaton
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      Thanks Andy!

      Be careful about mentioning your web skills around here 🙂

      Leadership has a lot of great ideas for the website and I would love to get a small group of coding kayakers together to help me to continue to improve the site and work on feature requests.

      If interested  – send me an email at: ckheaton@gmail.com

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      I’ll help ya out. but my web skills aren’t what they used to be. When I was coding the MWA’s site, it was all done by hand and using HTML. Now, it’s all scripts and whatnot. Again, no problem helping. But the older people here can remember what the old site used to look like when first I put it up on a server at Mizzou and then one here in St. Louis. Think the early days of Yahoo!


      Andy in Peoria.

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