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    I have 6 SLU students interested in buying used gear. 4 girls and 2 guys.

    They need just about all the basics

    • Kayak
      • they seem to like ones from the mid 90’s through mid 2000’s
      • Mainly river runners but we have one student interested in playboating
    • PFD
    • Sprayskirt
    • Paddle
    • Helmet
    • Long John Wetsuit
    • Dry Top
    • Water Shoes
    • gloves/pogies
    • Throw Ropes
    • Float bags

    My goal is for them to all have a set of kayaking gear when they leave college so they can continue the sport wherever they go. The reason I am doing this is it’s easier for them to buy the gear over a period of 3 or so years instead of all at once when they graduate college.

    To get in contact with me you can reply to this post or email [email protected]

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