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    I hate Facebook.  I think that is how a post I made 6 months ago on the MWA site started out. I was sticking up for a friend of mine.  Since then I have been confused by things people have said…or not said…to me.  After this weekend though I was just plain BAFFLED by interactions with someone I highly respect and I am so fond of. For days I have ruminated, rummaged and called friends. 6 months ago in that post I was discussing my mediocrity as a boater and that chances were, at my age, things would probably stay the same no matter how many classes I take. I think I left two little words out of a line- “than I”. I said some people are better- I have taken multiple classes, but some people are just better at that….THAN I. I am SO SORRY for any pain my lack of literacy has caused.  Thank you for listening.

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    John Tansil

    Paula – How can anyone hate you? You’re a sweetheart and a joy on and off the river. Let me know who they are and I’ll beat them up! …. verbally of course.

    Hope to see you at picnic and float.

    John Tansil


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    and you’re an awesome boater!

    Yes, Facebook is awful.

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    Agree-Better ways to spend time than facebook!

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    A kick in the teeth is more fun that Facebook!

    Facebook is EVIL!! Google even worse! Both started Surveillance Capitalism! 🙁

    John Kuthe…

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