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      I would like to thank everybody involved in the gear that I just received.
      I don’t know where to start?
      apparently, the “Sisters of the Saint” wanted to thank me for multiple rescues.
      (this was absolutely not necessary, I’m just trying to help)
      It appears that many others helped chip in, and decided to upgrade my gear.
      I received a helmet and life-jacket that match my old gear- brand wise, except totally new!!!
      I am not worthy– I just try to assist like any good boater should do.
      I truly appreciate the many, many boating friends that I have.

      An extra thank you for 2 special people;
      1) Ms Willow, who decided that I needed a bigger boat to help with all my rescues.
      (I do OK with my Recoil, but thanks for getting me into a “Ripper” !!!)

      2) Mr Bilbo, for EVERYTHING he does for the whitewater community.
      Big thank you for extra time taken to customize my ‘ripper’ and most of my other boats.

      Thanks again to all who donated for me to receive the awesome new red gear!!!
      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
      Crazy Jerry

      could someone please post a link to this on the MWA facebook site?

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      Kathleen Pszonka
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      Looking forward to seeing you in your new Red gear. You have helped many in so many ways

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      I would have liked to thank everyone involved in person,
      but that would have been way too emotional.
      I received these gifts of kindness at an “Eclipse” party near the Saint.
      I had to walk away a few times to maintain composure.
      I am super thankful for all of my whitewater family.
      Could someone please post a link to this on MWA facebook?
      most people don’t read this site, and I want all to know that I am very grateful!!!
      Crazy Jerry

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      Brad Davis
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      Thee is nobody more deserving of this act of kindness than you, my friend. You have helped so many, including myself, and this was just a simple way for us to say “Thank you.” Hope to SYOTR again very soon.

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        Willow Ellis
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        Not sure what we did to deserve you, but we’re so thankful you’re part of the MWA family!

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      Tracey Roush
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      Jerry you are my hero! It’s always a pleasure to paddle with you on the Saint. There have been many times that I wait to see if you make it on a rapid, if so it’s good to go! Haha. Hoping to get to Saint soon. I have been struck with bronchitis this past week and my new knees are still very stiff which is s bummer. Hope to see everyone soon. Enjoy your new “threads” you will do them proud 🙂

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      Scott Swafford
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