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    Had a chance to get back on the Cheaoh River last Saturday;   After a few laps, I found myself hoovering above the lip of Bear Creek Falls left side.    After scouting over my shoulder at the landing zone on the Left Line Vertical drop, I caught a glimpse of the ‘hero-line” that cuts back behind the usual schmear rock at the entrance to BearCreek’s Center Right Line.


    I thought to myself that there would be no better time for me to try the sketchy move than in my brothers brand spankin new mamba    🙂

    I entered with confidence, but as soon as I approached the area behind the rock, I thought I was in for a bad time.   The seam that runs back towards the vertical drop landing zone was far bigger than I expected.  I pulled a desperate mega boof to try to clear the seam, and fortunately was able to dry out on a center rock…

    From there, I took one glimpse over my shoulder and saw the nasty little crevace of doom calling my name and decided there was NO WAY in hell I was going to let my boat slip any further backwards…

    Pulled myself up on the rock and had to do the Launch of Shame into the pool below.


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    Awesome clip Chris. I always love seeing your videos pop up in my subscriptions.

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      thanks dan,  glad you enjoy them;   as soon as some water starts hitting down there, lets get a Tellico trip brewin!

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    John Tansil

    Chris —  I really liked your video also.  I admire paddlers who are willing to showcase the bad with the good.  I don’t think your line was as much a “fail” as a minor miscalculation.

    I liked your audience too, i.e. the group of gremlins lurking upstream in the dark eddy on river left.  It’s important to make eye contact with those folks for traffic control … 2 boats can’t occupy the same space at same time 🙂

    Keep em coming!

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    Thanks for sharing. I watched some of your other videos too and you’re really given it hell! Keep em coming.

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