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      Join or Renew now!  2022 memberships expire on 31 December, but 2023 memberships start now!

      The easiest & fastest way to renew is on-line, here:  https://missouriwhitewater.org/about/membership/  All your prior information should already be in the form & you just need to update it, sign & pay.  Your membership will be effective immediately.

      You may also renew your ACA membership on-line, which you can find on the ACA “Membership Renewal” page: http://www.americancanoe.org/?page=Membership_Renewal.  Log-in & follow the instructions to renew.  Note ACA will hound you via email as your membership gets close to expiration.  Renewal is also instant if on-line.

      Please don’t renew your ACA membership using the MWA membership form, as the price is wrong, and we no longer have the resources or patience to process your ACA renewal in a timely manner.  Do it yourself, on-line, or mail your paper forms to ACA & let them figure it out.

      Contact the Membership Coordinator by email at membership@missouriwhitewater.org

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      JW, I tried to renew my Membership online but it does not have a Province or Country spot and did not like that we do not have no steenkin Zip Codes ! And, I do not utilize Play Pal. What is the EZest way to get me back in the Club. You understand the vagaries of 3rd World Mail.?? Ayuda me

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