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      GoPro has been focusing on making their cameras easier to use, and for once, more affordable.  Of all of the GP cameras I have had in the past, the Session has become my favorite and is half the price of other GoPro cameras.   It does everything I need it to, since I have been using more basic settings recently.  If you are interested in having the smoothest slow motion footage you possibly can, you will probably want to upgrade to a higher grade model (it can record 100 fps at 720hd, but won’t have a super clear picture – 60 fps at 1080 to achieve 1/2 speed with an okay picture ).  However, if you are only interested in playing footage in real time, the 1440 hd setting at 25 fps produces smooth footage and crisp frame grabs.

      My favorite thing about the Session model is the battery life.  The Session has 2 buttons, one of which turns the camera on and begins recording.  When you are finished recording, press the same button and the camera turns itself off completely.  The button is large and easy to find without looking.  This saves a great deal of battery life and you no longer need to take your helmet off to check the status of your camera 50 million times a run (only 20 million).  The other button is a small button on the back of the camera which controls the mode AND wifi status.  While the mode button has limited options to change, the rest of the settings are available to change through the wifi app which is easy to use via smart phone/tablet.  You can also use your phone as a monitor/remote control to see and control the GoPro as it records.  Of course it features ProTune which enables you to customize the contrast/saturation/etc. of the picture to fine tune your color grading.

      The camera itself is waterproof, with one small door concealing the micro usb port (no longer “mini”, it is now the same size as many phone charger cables) and micro sd card.  Most people like the improved dual microphones.  The camera automatically toggles between microphones to record the best audio possible (not bad).

      The camera costs $150.  That’s all.  That number stings way less than $350 when you lose your camera.  I’ve already lost and replaced one, and if I lose this one, I’ll probably buy another.  I believe they come with a 1 year warranty.

      I hope you find this review useful, maybe inspiring to go get one for yourself.  I’d like to see what you record!

      Here’s a link to images and more specific… specifications:



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