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    Could someone verify the accuracy of the Saint Francis gauge (USGS at Roselle, the one used to calculate the level shown above…) to the actual level?  It seems like it was a bit higher from eyewitness descriptions than showed up on the gauge in the past few days.  Lapping at new bridge, filling up the pooptanks…  I thought that took more like 22-23 feet than a measly 18…?

    Also seems like it is dropping faster than normal (while 141 creek at its confluence with the I44 river just keeps coming up…!?).



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    Is 141 coming up from backwater off the Mississippi?

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    John Tansil

    Well I could give a smartass answer but you are a savvy guy so I aint gonna do that.

    Donnie all I gotta say is that it is remarkable that there is any correlation at all between Roselle gauge and D bridge when the river is that high.  During the 93 flood there was about a 3 feet difference between the actual 23 feet over D bridge and what the “formula” gave based on Roselle gauge …. so Roselle either gave 20 feet over or 26 feet over and I can’t remember which.  I could look it up but I’ve got a short attention span and after I post this message, all bets are off.

    Now what was your question?

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    Raymond – check this out:  141 at I-144   You can kayak from Interstate 44 down to MO Route 141.  But you cannot drive there.  It is from the 10 inches of rain we got here over the weekend, compounded by the fact that the Meramec can’t empty into the Big Muddy because it’s flooded as well…

    Perfesser – Your answer makes sense (I was hoping I wouldn’t get a smartass one!), shoulda thought of that!  However… what’s the current level?  Has it really dropped all the way down to 31″ already?

    SYOTR (when it gets warmer)  dd

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    😐 I had no idea that things were this bad…you guys be careful over there

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    When we pulled out this afternoon (1 ish) it was right at bridge level.  The gauge is pretty close.

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    p.s. Raymond – I saw some pictures of the Ocoee flooding in Copperhill about a week ago (think there’s some video on the MWA Facebook as well?  Might have been one of the walk bridges on the race course covered by water?)…  Did those storms get as far east as y’all…?

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