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    In the market for a full-face helmet. What are your thoughts, opinions, suggestions? I’m even open to being convinced otherwise, I just like my teeth…


    Thanks in advance, friends.

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    The SLU Kayak Club uses the WRSI Moment Helmet. It seems to run a little small. Those who use it don’t have any complaints besides the size. The best part about it is the reassurance it gives the wearer for any fear about hitting their face.

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    In my opinion it’s hard to beat the Sweet Rocker Full Face for comfort and protection. They are a bit pricey, but afterall it is your head. You can catch them on sale periodically, especially if you’re are open on color. Backcountry has a blue one on sale right now for $215.00. I wear a size 7 hat and the M/L fits fine.

    I wore a Moment for a number of years with good results. Took a big hit while upside down on the Upper Nanty which resulted in a large bump on my head under the helmet. Obviously it did it’s job because I’m talking about it. I went to the Sweet after that.

    Good luck with your decision.


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