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      Ryan Cullen
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      Sooo, who’s going to be out and about Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Would be really awesome if I didn’t have to paddle alone.

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      Sara Wysong
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      I will be there sat and sun but will not be paddling the lower over the bridge. Maybe upper, or marble creek if still that high but assuming it will come down pretty fast.

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        Kathleen Pszonka
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        Sunday Upper if high with some newer paddlers.

        Kathy P

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      I’ll be at the river at noon on Sat. Boating Sun. too. Sent you my number via PM. I may bring my best friend Jacci, depending on the level.

      I’m good w/ running anything. If Jacci goes and it’s a tad high, I may start on the Upper.

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      I will be @ D bridge Saturday by 10:30.

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      Ill be there sunday at D bridge at 10 paddling upper and lower with a group. Me and Jody will be there

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      Levi Rhodes
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      I will be there friday, saturday, and sunday looking for shuttle buddies.

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      Ryan Cullen
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      I will definitely be down Saturday possibly Sunday.

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      I’ll be down there for an early lap tomorrow morning and meeting Marty, Hannah and co.


      I will be at D by 9:45


      Yeeehaww!  See y’all there


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      I really like my job.

      I have a great employer.

      I am treated and compensated more than fair.

      Unfortunately, my schedule has once again taken precedence over my juvenile, slacker, me, me, me attitude.

      I hate being responsible.

      My new Squirrel hates me being responsible as well.

      I’m out for this weekend.


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      Shawn Rackley
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      Thinking Sunday. Will probably do upper and lower depends on the level.  First time for my girlfriend and I to run the saint. I imagine I will be spending some “time” swimming. Lol

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      Casara Heaton
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      Hoping to get down at D Saturday by 10 for a full run – Roselle to D.

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      George and Rhonda Palmer
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      Pending a couple of things, Rhonda and I will be at fishermans put in/take out practicing boat control on Sunday. So if youre passing through, stop by and say hey!

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      Ill be there helpin sr81blackbird down the river sunday

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