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      John Tansil
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      Campground Jim has DaggerDan helmet and  a rashguard top found in men’s restroom.

      Lots of excitement on the river.  Two successful runs of Mud Creek and a scarey  run under D bridge by paddler dressed in boating gear and little else in the 37 degree water.

      Paddlers should be aware that low-water bridges such as D bridge constitute very real   strainer/entrapment hazards. Wood frequently collects under these bridges and can trap and drown a swimmer swept into the strainer.  The swimmer today was fortunate (as was others that have gone under D bridge).  The bottom line here is to not put yourself in a position to be swept into the strainer.  Safety conscious paddlers recognize the danger and should immediately get to shore well above the strainer.

      As for the wisdom of paddling in 37 degree water dressed in nothing but your skivvies …. I have no comment.

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      Dang my luck wasnt good with droppin or leavin my gear today, I just realized thats my top too. Ill get both from him tomorrow and try to do better haha

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      Curtis Ahlers
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      Mud creek video

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      Dennis Jones
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      Very Nice!

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