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      Ok so yesterday I finally got the free ride on the water it was a great time! huge change from the squirrel but both great boats! Ok I adjusted my outfitting a week ago and I guess somehow it came out of the brackets so the whole time I was going down the river and getting flipped when i’d roll back over the seating would slide side to side very complicated to roll when that happens haha so the 2 and 3 attempts were do to the seat sliding 🙂 but I still came over and got through it with only swimming once trying to do a ender on double drop LET ME tell Ya when you get tossed around and twisted just complete insanity under water yup I swam but atleast I attempted a couple times to roll back up well enjoy this video. the next one coming is EVERYONE that attempted double drop surf and enders will be on the video it’s going to be pretty good i’ve reviewed all video’s and theres some Big talent on it!!

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