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    Filmy Fest is Saturday, November 5, and if you remember, it has and will always be the first Saturday in November.  Playlist starts at 3PM, ends midnightish, quiet time pretty firmly midnight, camping available.  Call for local videos involving whitewater and the MWA starts now, and you must have content to me no later than October 31 in order to get into the playlist.  Directions will be given to those who email me at [email protected] up to noon 11/5.  After that Julie and I are officially partying and our phones will be off, although my kids are exempt from that rule, so you may get lucky there.  Food theme is home made pizzas again, and Julie and I will be manning the barn bar in order to use that oven and serve the high gravity choice, Schlafly’s Tasmanian IPA in 8 ounce glasses, a crowd favorite, at least until Sunday morning arrives.  Schlafly’s Octoberfest will also be served in the barn area in pints, along with side dishes that everyone is welcome to bring.  Just conforming to the new beer serving standard.  :o)

    Filmy Fest is an extension of a yearly party we had in our old place in Jonesburg, MO known as Foamie Fest, where we had a 250 foot miniature whitewater course and a foamie boat race for time.  My place in New Melle is flat, so I am showing films that I judged this year at the National Paddling Film Festival in February, along with some other notable choices of 2016, and as many quality local video projects as is possible to squeeze in to 9 hours.  We have been doing this since 2006, so it is the 10th year anniversary, yet the 11th Filmy Fest (in case anyone wanted to get that controversy going again). :o)

    Kid friendly as long as not abandoned, due to endless temptation.  Pet friendly-ish, considering said pet’s adaptation to crowds, open food bars and territorial rural pets.  If there is a question about either, default to not bringing distractions.

    Emails to [email protected] will be welcomed for questions regarding location and food to bring and will serve as RSVP, unless you are staple regulars, which have never needed such formality.

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    John Tansil

    Looking forward to Filmy Fest!


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    Bring empty Beer Bottles to filmy fest (or full)!!

    A few of us are brewing beer for Mississippi River Water Trail Association and Stream Team Unlimited event. We are nearing the bottling phase and need about 200 empties (the cleaner the better).

    We need 12 oz beer bottles (NO TWIST OFF).


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    I can bring 200 bottles- non twist-off. Seriously, stop me if you don’t need them, I don’t want to take them back.

    They were for a bottle construction that probably isn’t going to happen.

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    Mcchuck, yes, bring the 200 bottles.

    Seems like an extraordinary amount, however, there are four 5 gallon batches in the works with more planned.

    IF all goes per plan we will eventually need more.

    Who’s idea was this anyhow 🙂

    Oh, yea try not to get pulled over and get nailed with an empty container charge 🙂




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    Uh oh, a potential Filmy Fest conflict!

    What The Monkees • When 7:30 p.m. Saturday • Where Family Arena, 2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles • How much $43-$78 • More info 314-534-1111;


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      John Tansil

      Jim —  Never would’ve guessed you are a Daydream Believer  🙂


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    I’m taking the last train to Clarksville.

    Will I see you at the station?

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    We have a great playlist this year, and too much beer for you not to come.  :o)


    3:30PM I will start the first showing of the playlist

    7:00PM- Attendance Raffle

    8:00PM- second showing of the playlist

    11:30PM- Film showing ends

    There are several great documentaries regarding the Clark’s Fork, paddling and instruction in China, Martin Litton, and the pulse releases of the Colorado into Mexico.  We have four great local videos as well, and the downright paddling porn hits prime time before the raffle and the latest showing of the evening. The playlist is as follows:

    Standing on the Current

    Shootout at Sang Run

    Salween Spring

    Delta Dawn

    Martin’s Boat

    Taking Care of Business on the Saint- Sandy Osborne

    Rockin’ the Castor- Sandy Osborne

    Expedition Q- Baffin Island Crossing

    One- Protect the White Nile

    Our Local Epic

    Why We Teach You

    Paddling Archive- Ellen Wentz

    Thuli Bheri- Tom Janney

    Raquette- The King of New York Race

    Ben Ghertner Promo


    The Way We Go


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    Thank you, Bilbo and Julie for a wonderful evening and your generous hospitality!!  The pizzas were delicious, and we had a fantastic time!  A special thank you to all the “big kids” who were so patient and kind to Jacob and the other little kids there – you all were just awesome!!  Jacob talked our ear off the entire way home, and was still talking about “Mr. Elbow’s trampoline” when Jon put him to bed.

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