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      Dean Zeisset
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      Took the family down for what I thought was going to be a medium to low level weekend.  I guess I didn’t have enough faith in the forecast, after seeing many storm fronts break apart and miss the Saint this past week.  Woke up Saturday morning with 2′ over the bridge.  Did some scouting at Stouts & Castor.  Too low for a good run.  Decided to head back to camp, pump up the raft, and take my wife (Allie) and boys (Warren & Corbin) on the upper.  In the meantime, it commenced to downpour.  The waterfall on 72 was almost hitting the highway.  When we hit entrance rapid, we realized it wasn’t 2′ over the bridge anymore.  More like 4 or 5.  The wave trains were impressive.  Thank you Rory for tagging along and showing us the lines.  We were going to go for a second run on the upper, but realized it was still coming up and didn’t want to push our luck.

      So, we headed to Marble Creek.  Wow……talk about fun.  It was huge.  Really only 3 rapids at that level (not counting the dam), but they were long and meaty.  III+ for sure.  Reminded me of a narrower Pigeon.  Thanks again, Rory, for coming with us.  It pushed me to paddle the C1, knowing I had a solid boater along.  I’ve gotta mention the drive on E to Marble Creek.  Waterfalls everywhere.  Smoke in the hills.  The sun would pop through periodically and light everything up.  Beautiful drive.  I thought I was in the Southeast for a bit.

      I know a lot of you have seen the water this big before, but in the 8 or so years I’ve been paddling, I haven’t been there when absolutely every river and creek were jammin.  I feel very lucky to have been there for that.  And to be with my whole family and best of friends.  BDE

      Freddie, it’s hard not to think you had something to do with all this rain.



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      Freddie Carter
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      Dean, I really hope the Saint can muster a bridge level day while I’m in the US ! If not, for some reason, I really love a 25″ to 18″ level. All the features are there, and the side slide below Rick A Tee Rack is prime ! Got my fingers crossed ! Hell, I’ll go at O” …..  Sittin home makin Mostaciolli and Meatballs for my Widow neighbors. It is Dominican Mothers Day. Watchin Cardinal Baseball while the rain continues to fall here. Creekin Tomorrow early !

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