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    Levi Rhodes

    There is a new brand of paddles which has recently broken into the market with a new approach to how they believe a paddle should be made. Rather than focused on having featherweight paddles like the rest of the market, Eminent paddles has decided to focus on durability.  With a thick, heavy duty lay-up, their fiberglass paddles are as rigid as any carbon paddle I have used, but twice the weight.

    I have been a bit picky about paddles for a couple of years and would only use a straight shaft fiberglass Werner Powerhouse for the longest time because of its affordability, hand placement on shaft, and durability. As someone who likes to contact rocks a lot while kayaking, I don’t like using carbon fiber paddles because I always break them.  The drawback of using fiberglass is that it doesn’t offer the same amount of rigidity while taking a paddle stroke, while carbon paddles are lighter and more stiff.  Carbon paddles consequently are more brittle and don’t absorb shock as well. Fiberglass paddles tend to wear around the edges a little more evenly rather than chip or crack like carbon.  Carbon paddles are ideal for people who paddle deep rivers and have deeper pockets to pay for them.

    I have been using the Creek model for a few months now, which have a slightly down turned blade and can be compared to the feel of an AT paddle.  Coming from a Powerhouse, this was a bit of a change but now I prefer it.

    Eminent paddles have taken the approach of adding more material to the blades of their paddles so that they are more rigid and will last longer.  When I try to flex my Eminent Creek blades, they just don’t. It feels like I am wielding the Excaliber.  When I take paddle strokes, there is immediate purchase with no flex.  Some people may like a little flex in their paddle, but to me it just feels weak and causes me to hesitate to take strong strokes.

    Weighing in at 1165 grams, Eminent’s Creek paddle is 15% heavier than the well known Werner Powerhouse, both compared at 197 cm in length.  I thought that this would be a huge drawback, however, the weight is hardly noticeable when using the paddle.  I have abused this paddle by throwing it, scraping rocks, ruttering down long slides, and dropping my kayak on top of it at the vehicle.  Doing so, the paddle has made some un-Godly sounds that would make me think that I had just broken my prized piece, but it still feels as if it is new.   This thing is a tank.

    Aesthetics: Eminent has some pretty poppin’ colors, mostly red and blue.  As the material scratches, it leaves a white mark when dry, but the marks disappear when wet.  The shaft is a carbon fiber looking lay up.

    The shaft is very unique; it features an oval shaped index in only one hand.  The shaft has a coating that no other paddles have used yet, one that feels almost waxy, but not sticky.  I don’t know what to call it, but it’s awesome.  When your hands are wet, the grippy coating decreases your chances of slipping a hand on your paddle.  As it scratches away, you can feel some texture, but it wears nicely.

    The paddles are affordable and comparable in price to most paddles on the market, but you may save a few bucks depending on what you compare.  You’ll save by having this paddle for much longer than others if you go the fiberglass route.  I haven’t owned the carbon so I can’t speak for it.  I imagine it will break like any other carbon paddles, but I could be wrong – the company seems to take pride in their material and lay up.

    If you want to try my paddle, say so when we meet on the river.  I am using a 194 cm very short paddle and will probably get a 198 cm in the future.  I’d be happy to let you try it out.   You can find Eminent paddles online at their website eminentgears(dot)com.

    Thanks for reading, hit me with any questions.  -Levi


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    I’m just start WW and have been between on what paddle to get and your review helps a lot.  Now I have to check the eminent out.  thanks

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    They must have went out of business or something

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    Levi Rhodes

    Yes, unfortunately they never made it to the market… haha… So basically my review is a tease, sorry.  I’ve been using a Werner Powerhouse again… Not as durable as the Eminent, but it lasted me longer than I expected.  Yesterday I recieved my new Werner Surge. I’ll use it for a bit and post a review on it as well..  The colors are poppin’, it’s a bit weighty, but i think it’s going to pull nicely.  The blades are huge.  Review to come.

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    Levi, with a Surg in your hands, you’ll be boofing over the no go rapids instead of having to portage.

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    Levi Rhodes

    Chris, you are not wrong. I am now using the Werner Surge and it pulls hard! It’s my favorite paddle yet.


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