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        It’s time for everyone to make phone calls to the US Forest Service asking them to fix the water supply to Prospect and Summit Loops. It’s now  been three years since we’ve had water in the upper campgrounds. If we don’t pester them they will never fix it. Last week Jim was told to remove the trailer of non-potable water from the upper loops, so now there is absolutely none. Make certain you state you are calling as a camper. 1-573-364-4621  ask for Amanda Walker.

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          Has anyone received any information on when the water will be fixed? I left a message for Amanda Walker in Rolla on Monday. On Wednesday I received a message from Becky Ewing in Potosi. I’ve called her office eight times and left another message, but still haven’t been able to speak with her. I’m still asking everyone to call and leave Amanda a message and now to also make an online complaint.

          I believe Potosi is giving us the run around and until some supervisors starts breathing down their necks, they aren’t going to fix our water. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so everyone needs to put some effort into this :’}



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            A. If you know of a contractor who can camera the water line under the Saint, have them call Becky Ewing  573-438-5427

            B. I you haven’t already, call Amanda Walker 1-573-364-4621  ask when we will have water in the upper Silvermines campgrounds. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

            This will explain A. and B.:

            I talked with Becky Ewing this morning and she sated the Forest Service waited a year to hear back from MODOT on the possibility of running a new water line under the new D bridge. ( I email MODOT often and always receive a response in less than 24 hrs) She stated MODOT said it will take three years for approval. If approved,  the US Forest Service has one engineering company that works in 20 states and we would have to wait for them to design the new water line. They also don’t have money for this scale of a project at this time.

            Next Becky decided to try a different option and wait for a contractor, who’s working in Springfield, to have some free time to put a camera through the lines. She said this contractor was the only one she could find in the area that could camera it, but that any contractor is eligible to work for them. She is hoping the pipes are cracked under the water, then they will only have to place a 1.5” pipe through the 1960 pipe for us to have water in the upper campgrounds again. She stated it will cost $10,000 and they have that amount available now.

            My conclusion: They are dragging their feet and need some boaters to breath down their necks!

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              Hey you lazy butts, read between the lines and make some phone calls!

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              Curtis Elwood

                Have the forest service contact Lisa Douglas at Pure Technologies.  In talking to my wife (water/waste water P.E.), a camera won’t work if the pipe is busted (hard to see).  Pure Technologies has equipment that can evaluate the integrity of the pipe other ways (sonar?).

                [email protected]

                (314) 239-4073

                3636 South Geyer Road, Suite 100
                St. Louis, Missouri 63127






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                  So, I called Amanda Walker today.   It’s like talking with a stump.   She (The Mark Twain National Forest) is fixated on sending a camera thru the pipe under the river to see where the leak is located (they think it’ s there).   And she thinks they can get it done for a “couple of hundred dollars.”   I don’t think the MTNF can get anyone to even start to figure things out for that kind of money.   The Mark Twain Forest is like most other NFS.   They had their funding cut by 30% this year.   It happened to our NFS’s here in Montana but our Senators (one Republican/one Democrat) stood up and got the funding reinstated for our state.   I think you (the folks who boat and use this website–not just MWA members) should call Amanda Walker 573-364-4621 and experience what ‘stump talking’ is like.   Then you should get in touch with your local state congressmen to put some pressure to get the wheel turning.   And then call your U.S. Senators and get them involved.   It would be nice to have potable water in the Upper Campgrounds.   It’s been three years and that’s BS.

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