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      Awesome job kathyp!!

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      How cool is that
      You are awesome Kath!

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      Yep, and from the news article it sounds like he’s doing quite well!

      Great job Kathy!

      And a great example of why we should ALL learn CPR!! I’m an RN and I’ve been through CPR training many times and hopefully/probably could have done what Kathy did. I’ve never had to do CPR on a real live person who needs it, but it’s not rocket science, you gotta get the training though. Watching it on TV is just not good enough.

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      John Tansil
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      Way to go, KathyP !

      Every paddler should practice CPR on a regular basis.

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        Kathleen Pszonka
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        State Trooper called me today, and the  74 yo victim is now cutting his grass

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          Thats just awesome kathy!! I learned CPR in the correctional field And learned in the coalmine bout first aid, but NEVER had to use it on a real person! so never experienced what you have and dont take this the wrong way but I hope I never HAVE TO! but great job im super happy to know theres people out there who can take that kinda situation at hand and accomplish it perfectly! Id def be interested in attending a class of CPR refresher anytime!! And hopefully it will be a big turn out cause everyone who paddles should have just a taste of CPR class cause u never know what could happen!

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