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      jeff clawges
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      Conservation notes 8/2/1/202,

      There are some exciting things happening in Conservation world Starting with Operation Clean Stream on August 27Th (St. Louis Open Space Council Operation Clean Stream – St. Louis Open Space Council (

      This year like always we will be meeting at the Sappington Bridge put-in at 9:00 am. (directions from 270\44 A big Thank you to Mark Wehking who has spearheaded this even for as long as I can remember.

      The MWA is now an official part of the MDC Stream Team Network. (Yea!!) Our ST number is 6414 and we need a name! Contest maybe? I’ll throw in a 6pack of Natty light for the best suggestion. To join send me your contact info and I’ll get you an ID card that will get you some discounts at outfitters, campgrounds and some retailers.

      This is a tremendous organization supported by the Missouri Department of Conservation. There are multiple ways we can partner up with them both individually and as a group. Take a look at for more details.

      Some things we are working on and are trying achieve are a work day/trail maintenance event on the trail to Millstreams (Thanks Mary for suggesting it) There are patches for invasive species along the trail that we may be able (with Forest Service permission) to work on removing.

      One of the things we can work with Stream Team on with is water quality monitoring. This is a great program for kids, they get to play in the water, count bugs, do some science and get the MDC some very important data. You can do this program on any creek or river you like not just the Saint Francis. Thompson’s ford on the Little Saint would be a great spot but any year round creek would do. We’ve got Gevin and the boys signed up to do the river by their place. I’ve got to get enough interest to get a class together so the MDC can train us and bring us equipment. Please message me if you’re interested.

      A couple of things I’d like to do is another access tire round up and clean the shoreline. The other thing I’d like to get done is a clean up from Roselle to Millstream and possible from Millstream down. First step is getting some scouting done. We’re looking for tires and large trash. A drone flight down the river would be really helpful if we can get permission.

      If you want to help out with the conservation committee please contact me. If you have an idea or want to plan an event let’s do it.

      Sorry for the novel here. Laptop issues have kept me from getting any work done recently. I will post events and opportunities as I get them.

      Thanks for reading, Thanks for helping out.


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      jeff clawges
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      Hello! Got a couple of things in conservation land I’d like to share with you all.

      Operation Stream Clean Stream was a big sucess I think we had 14 people paddle from Sappington bridge to the park. Pretty nice haul of larger trash. Kathy got a tire, Johnny Bling snagged a dryer drum, We also got a couple of lawn chair a concrete block and some miscellaneous trash.

      What we didn’t find was hardly any floater trash, No beer cans, coolers boat cushions and cigarette butt that I am accustomed to finding. That was a very pleasant surprise for sure. Maybe people are starting to listen, possibly even care enough to change their behavior. I hope so.

      Mark and I will be at the Open Space council wrap up meeting on 9/7 so we will pass on any info we get there.

      The St. Louis Aquarium Stream Team is doing a Revamp The Riverfront event on 9/17 Cleaning up the St. Louis Greenway along the Mural Mile. Take a look here for more info Volunteer Information ( It sounds like a fun event let me know if there is any interest it meeting up.

      I have a couple people interested in doing some water quality testing sponsored by the MDC. if you’re interested please give me a shout. I’ll need your name and email to get you on team #6414. Check it out here Water Quality Monitoring (

      Coming up we will be doing an access cleanup on the Saint. I’ll post something when I get it all lined up.

      That’s all folks, Hope to see you all at the picnic.


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      jeff clawges
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      Conservation committee stuff.
      Mark Wehking and I went to the wrap up meeting for Operation Clean Stream 2022.
      First thing is a huge thank to all the volunteers that came out and have come out for years. Thank you all so much your work matters. And thank you Mark for leading this trip for all these years.
      Some fun facts we learned yesterday were
      There was 180 cubic yards of trash picked up equal to 4540 yard dumpsters.
      842 tires
      5,000 lbs of metal
      All this done by 1082 volunteers with 360 boats. What a great event!
      The MWA has its own Stream Team unit #6414. I encourage you to join. I’ll have info at the picnic. Talk to me about it. It’s kind of like a cult 😁 Pull your first tire out of the river and you’ll be hooked.
      Thanks for listening – SYOTR

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