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      Below is a production my buddy Nate put together from this past May / June Kayaking trip.

      Nate joined us for the last two weeks in Colorado;  Some runs included are:  Oh Be Joyful, Crystal Mills and the Poudre Narrows!

      This is the first action sport he has shot, but I think he nailed it!



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      Man thats awesome! I still feel like you and Levis videos are a production of what my life should be like. 5 more years my daughter will be off to college and hopefully ill take my whole month off work on a kayak trip every summer.

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      Nice! Awesome vid. Great editing and photography. Thanks for sharing

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      Still love that color grading and time lapsing. Nice paddling and quality edit!

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      Great video !  The combination of the whitewater in ways your really feeling  the  life of the water like you were there.  Nice paddling shots.  Great scenery shots combined with awesome and artistic editing of scenes. With great overlaps, moving clouds … Loved the slow motion right at the time of the lost paddle in the falls drop. With him slowly lifting his arms in the air surrounded by the  falling and pounding water. Was great. It may have been an’ Oh shit, or O well moment at the time .But I appreciate how these type of video segments  shows the calm composer and thinking of; keep on doing what ever you can do from this point now .The ever changing dynamics and decisions of whitewater paddling.I defiantly connect to this as things often don’t go as I hoped or planed.   All of this made it a good and very enjoyable video. To me the best videos are the ones that gives you a sense of the beauty ,and a little feeling of being in  theses beautiful and awesome areas. Places you know you will never get to, or see  any other way. This one did that. Thanks for sharing. Hope you share more in the future.

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      Just a perfect video edit may I ask what equiptment was used?

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      Thanks yall!   Nate shot this primarily with a Sony FS7;

      I don’t know much about photography and what not, but he’s got a good eye for it and apparently a cam that does some cool slowmo effects!

      I owe it to the MWA for gettin’ me hooked into the wild world of whitewater!

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