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    Matt keller and I took off for the saint in hopes for a successful run down and done… We had a few hiccups during the way, as nobody was at D for early bird run.. we dropped our gear off, took the jeep to D and walked trail back up, Which is my first time ever walking the trail in full. BTW great walk a bit long but beautiful trail and views! thanks to all who keep it clean when we launched our boats things were perfect… until big drop Matt asked if i’d go first, as I went down the curler at the bottom got me! MAN was that water was cold. I turned around To see matt hitting same curler. he flipped and pulled SWIM TIME . the water was super cold to him and we ended the day walking back up and loaded up. The thing im trying to say is keep warm layers and have a dry suit you never know what could happen. here is a video of the paddle I hope you all enjoy and thanks for the group around 3 that came and offered for me to take a run with them as I declined but really wanted to haha!

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    Any day on the river even with swims is better than no day on the river. Thanks for sharing for those of us who can’t make it there.  Merry Christmas!

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      Definitely missed everyone 🙂 at 3 there was a small group paddle but the river was all to us lol 🙂 merry Christmas

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    Enjoyed the video – thanks. You made the right call. Dry suits are a must this time of year – a lesson I learned the hard way many years ago like your friend.  Glad you made the best of it with a paddle/hike combo. Btw – I’m thinking Chuck probably deserves as much or more credit than the state for trail maintenance.  Happy holidays.

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    Thanx Bob- but it is the both of us- Di too.

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