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      well the step has been taken, its going pretty awesome the chaos paddlers now has a facebook page! Thanks to matt keller! him and few others are running it. I’d love to bring ya’ll into the action thats about to unfold this year as we are getting better at paddling. we are going to venture out of the norm.  And do some other rivers. as prob everyone has a facebook (other then me lol) please take the time to check us out like and follow. Thanks guys ya’ll are awesome and I really wanna give a special thanks also to MWA for putting up with my crazyness 🙂 for those who didnt know The frame ya’ll seen in the back of my truck at the race. was actually a ramp I used for ramping off the sides of bridges… But its been sitting in my back yard… I got the bright idea to use it as a boat hauler/shower house With solar hot water which some of the members used and loved/ put a heater in it and its a gear dryer for those extreme cold nights out camping knowing your gonna have to put on that frozen wet gear  * burrrrrrr* so if there was any question thats what it was :-)!!!so the facebook page is

      but check out this edge on the squirrel 😉

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