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      Jim Lampe
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      A barbed wire fence was strung across lower stouts about 1 mile below kalarney dam, well above 6 boat hole. Enough moss and debris weighted it down on river right to lift your bow over it but it was very hard to see until you were right on it. The rest of the fence is impassable in a boat.

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      Dennis Jones
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      Thanks for the heads up. A year or so ago there was a fence there, very dangerous as it was hard to see with river wide current and no eddys.


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      Freddie Carter
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      Cut that sumvabeech,and the moron who installed it !

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      Have to agree with Freddie on this one, at least with cutting the fence. Whoever put that there has NO legal rights to do so. Cutting it out for river safety would be perfectly legal in MO.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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