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    Casara Heaton

    Hey All,

    The Battlegrounds Mud Run near Wentzville, MO is in need of safety boaters for their upcoming mud run on May 20th. The event will be from 8am-4pm on Saturday, lunch will be included and it will pay $20/hr.

    What you will be doing:
    Boaters will be floating next to an obstacle called the Perilous Pontoon Bridge which crosses a small pond. As runners run/jump across the moving platforms, boaters will be nearby incase anyone slips & falls into the water. Runners will not be wearing floatation, so having someone right there vs on the side is ideal.

    Ideal Certifications:
    They prefer the safety boaters be experienced in water rescue ( Certified Lifeguard, EMT, Swift Water Rescue Certified, CPR certified, etc) and obviously very comfortable sitting in their boat for a few hours.

    They will need at least 2 people or 4 if you all wanted to do 4hr shifts.

    It is always a fun day! Please let me know if your are interested and what your certifications are. You can email me at [email protected]

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