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    Tracey Roush

    I’m here in Farmington, plan on boating everyday until the river dries up! Anyone boating Thursday and the weekend?  Let me know, otherwise.. guess I will hike the trail.. this will be a first🤣

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    Hey Tracey- I’ll be down at D by 10 a.m

    love to boat a lap with you

    Chris ward

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hey Tracey, I plan on boating Saturday morning and running the trail after. CT Mike</p>

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    Tracey Roush

    Chris, Dan P is camped down there. Meeting him at 11:00! Hope to see you there.  Mike, see you Saturday. Chuck and Di are boating, I’m thinking there eta will be noonish, Chuck and Di? Does not matter to me!

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