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      Hi folks!

      I’m a IV+ boater out of NC who just relocated to western Illinois for work.  I’d like to tap into the local paddling community ASAP to get runs at Chain of Rocks, the St. Francis, etc.  I just bought a new-to-me playboat on the drive out here (so I’ll probably be looking to sell my 2010 JK Rockstar L soon).  I also creek.  I wish I was heading to the St. Francis now, but instead I hope to be able to cut free for a Sunday afternoon thru Monday morning visit if it holds.



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      Casara Heaton
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      Hey Jonathan,

      Welcome! You are in luck – with all this rain, there will be lots of options this weekend.
      The standard here is, if the St. Francis is running, we meet near D bridge ( Silver Mines Campground ) at 10am on weekends. You will likely find other boaters there and then can make a plan. (See map: here or below)

      Some of our group’s favorite creeks are running right now:

      Marble (II)
      Castor Creek (III) very short
      Stouts (III+)
      Crane Pond (III-IV)
      Turkey (III-IV)

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      Hi Jonathan,

      I’m also new to Missouri paddling just having had my gear and playboat shipped down from Canada. Let me know if you hear about chain of rocks play day. Another playspot is Howell Island if the Gage is at the right level. You can search Howell Island on YouTube to check it out. Here’s my email,



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      Hey folks

      Thanks for the replies.  Now that it appears the Saint is dropping down into III+, I expect it will be busy today and tomorrow.  I hope to drive out early Sunday to join some laps.  I will bring both boats, but what kinda play is there at this level? Thanks.

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      Tiny check this video out im pretty positive this will be the level when u get there tomorrow if not theres a 23″ video on my site it will give you an idea of what it looks like at that level this video is 28 inches i have the other marked 23 so hope with helps you out a bit buddy!

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      Thanks for the online beta and also for Jo and Glen (sp), who stepped up to show me down the river last Sunday when I arrived WAY late and they had already had their fill for the day.  I tried to make it easy for y’all by not playing too much or taking dumb lines in my first time in that boat.  The Saint Francis is a nice river.  Since it’s a stretch for me to make the long, early commute for 10 am meetups, I’m looking forward to bringing my family down for weekend camping on the few occasions when the river runs during warm-ish weather.

      I’m also looking forward to St. Louis playdates.  And any other paddling opportunities.

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