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      I just wanted to shout out to all those that helped organize and host the Clinic last weekend 🙂 Great job, John H!!! Also thanks to Bling, Dianne, Nancy, Casara… to name a few. You guys rock!

      My friends, Jacci & Mike, had a great time, and so did I!!! Thanks Don, Joey, and Eric for safety boating & co-instructing with me. Wild Bill -thanks for taking over on Sunday so I could work on my cartwheel 😀

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      Thanks to Rory King and Bill Parsons. I felt it was worth the money after 1 day of it and the 2nd was a bonus. I’m a lot more confident on all my skills and so glad the weather turned out perfect. Even was successful on Cats Paw Z route on my first try. Awesome job to everyone who helped set it up!

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      Rebecca Wolter
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      God Cindy your such a copier!! :p

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        And you make that sound like a bad thing, Becca? 😉 Hee hee!

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      John Holdmeier
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      I want to thank everyone who helped out this year. Especially Kelly, Casara, and John Niebling. Kelly is a wizard with spreadsheets, and everyone knows how amazing Casara is with her web abilities. John answered all of my annoying questions. Also thanks to the people who helped sort groups, the instructors, Diane and Nancy helping in the a.m., Dan and JoJo getting the gear down and back, the safety boaters… Everyone helping made it so much easier! So thank you all so much!!! It’s really amazing to see what a group of like minded people can do when everyone is so giving and helpful. I think we should do it again next year!

      Thanks, – JH

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      Cindy, I want to thank you and Wild Bill (as well as Joey, Donny, and Eric) for all of the instruction and assistance.  I had fun and learned a ton.  Without a doubt, the best 2 days on the water of my boating life, to date.  It was great to be able to try everything you all threw at me, and know that no matter what happened, you all had my back.  Great instructors, great safety, great clinic.  I’ll be back next year.


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      Casara Heaton
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      Thanks Cindy and John H ( and everyone that helped and participated in the clinic )!  This is why I love working with the MWA. Together, we can really accomplish some fantastic events.

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