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      As Casara and I worked on the new Saint gauge (see top-right of this site), I decided I would continue that work and build a river checker program for my Amazon Echo.

      I did and if you own an Echo, you can enable the Alexa skill for yours.

      You: “Alexa, enable River Runner.” (You only have to do this once.)

      You: “Alexa, open River Runner.”

      Alexa: “Welcome to River Runner. I can tell you the current level for the Saint Francis river in Missouri. In the future, I will learn about more rivers. Would you like to hear about the current level?”

      You: “Yes.”

      Alexa: “The current level for the Saint Francis is 2.88. The level on the highway D bridge gauge is -1.9 inches.”

      You can short cut it by saying: “Alexa, ask River Runner what the current level is.”

      Unfortunately, with the low water, it’s not all that exciting right now, but if you own an Echo, give it a try and let me know how it works for you.


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      Just tried it! This is awesome! Thanks for creating it!

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      Don’t have an Echo, but cool project.

      By the way:  Thanks for fixing the MWA gage widget!

      Not exactly sure why I made this, but I was geekin out on the data available on USACE page and tracked the last rain event.  Paddlers Gage #’s are by calculation only not actual observed gage reading.

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