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    Dennis Jacobsen passed away May 4<sup>th</sup>. He was 76 and is survived by his wife Tish Turner and son Erik.  Denny was an outstanding open boater and taught at the MWA clinics for many years.  His other passions included photography and bicycling.  in his work life he was a judge in Southern Illinois, of course we teased him calling him the hanging judge.  In his capacity as a judge he married Toni Armstrong and I.  Denny was a great friend and will be missed.

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    John Tansil

    I am so sorry to hear this. I found his obituary online.


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    John, thanks for including this.

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    My deepest condolences to Tish and the rest of his family.

    Sarah Watson

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    Chuck & I give our condolences to Tish, their son and family and friends.

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    Freddie Carter

    My condolences to Tish ! ❤️🛶 And Family.

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    Dennis, was a quiet, caring sweet guy. I’ll never forget the time we were camped at #1 on the Arkansas River. Frank had finished running the river and in charge of the kids for a bit, so I took off to get a few minutes of exercise up the river. I hadn’t gone far when I ran into Dennis wandering along and taking pictures. I had no idea he was even in Colorado! We had a nice little chat and he promised to stop by with Tish later. I am so happy I had the chance to catch up with Dennis one last time at Richard’s birthday 80th birthday party.

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