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    Karen Kyle

    Just an FYI for you guys.   ACA just changed their dues structure and no longer has family memberships.   For singles it is cheaper  – $25/year but more expensive for families as that per person rate is the same for everyone including children.   Your website currently shows the old dues and esp.  for families that could cause confusion when signing up or renewing.    Everyone signing up as a family on your website will be underpaying their dues.


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    Thanks Karen.  We posted that last month, but haven’t made updates yet.  However, the ACA membership payments are made directly through ACA via a link, so folks will pay what the ACA website says.

    However, we do still need to change the details on our membership page, and on our PDF form for those that mail it in.  It’s on the long list of things to do.

    – jw, membership chair

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    The MWA Membership page has now been updated (Thanks Casara!).  The PDF form for mailed registrations will be updated soon (but please, join/renew on-line!).

    Karen – thanks for the reminder.


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