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    there was a spam message on the Message board this morning, from “mocasenet”.  It was something about high monthly water bills, and included a link which was suspicious.  Hope nobody clicked on that link.  Anyway, it’s been removed as spam.  The user has been marked as a spammer.

    As a reminder, don’t click on links posted by people you don’t know.

    By the way, the user did not register with a real name, location, etc., which is against the MWA website usage agreement.  People who use the MWA message board should not be anonymous.  Repeating from Chris Amelung’s message of 5 years ago:

      We need to know who you are. Put your real name in your profile. Enter your interests and at least a vague location (i.e. southeast MO). This helps us separate the wheat from the chaff.

    don’t be the chaff!

    One of these days, the user list may get cleaned up, so feel free to edit your profile so you can continue to enjoy the message board, gear exchange, etc.

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    Freddie Carter

    JW, I need to pay my dues agin ! I do not utilize Pay Pal . What fo you suggest ?

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      Freddie Carter

      And I won’t use my real name (except on the check or CC and don’t touch my schtuff !

      • This reply was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by  Freddie Carter. Reason: Cause people be touchin yer stuff an puttin dead Opossums n such in yer new boat !
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        Just go with “No Eddie Freddie”  we can figure it out from there 🙂

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