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    The Annual MWA GAF Trip is a great way to experience the Nantahala, the Upper Nantahala, the Ocoee, and who knows what other rivers might be running.  Plus, the whole “Guest Appreciation Festival” experience is great – music, activities, and of course great sales of used NOC equipment and a great “boating yard sale”, with booths set up by other boaters.  You’ve never seen such old boats!

    This is more of an intermediate level trip, but the Nanty and a few other nearby rivers can meet the needs of beginners.  Plus duckies can be rented for the Nanty, for those with even less experience.  For the most part there won’t be a “trip leader”, but we’ll talk about where we’ll paddle in the evenings & at breakfast, and set up shuttles, etc.  IOW, let your capabilities & skills guide you, not your ego!

    Normally early arrivers might run the Nanty on Friday (in the past have also done the Nolichucky & French Broad, if they are running at the right level), the Nanty/Upper Nantahala on Saturday, and the Ocoee on Sunday (on the way back to STL).

    MWA has reserved five 4-person bunkhouses for GAF this year, for Friday & Saturday nights.  The cost will be $25 per bunk per night (including all the taxes & fees on top of the bunk fee – which we normally forget to pass along…).

    Priority goes to folks who want a bunk for both nights.  If there are any left over, we can split up Fri & Sat…

    I’ve asked for some 2 person bunks, but there are none available at the moment.  There may be some 6 person bunkhouses if we need them.  We’ll see how the demand goes.

    We are working on adding the bunkhouse bunks to the MWA Store, and we’ll have the ACA set up the on-line SmartWaiver for signing ACA waivers.  Then I don’t have to collect any checks or paperwork!  IF YOU ARE STAYING IN THE NOC BUNKS RESERVED BY MWA, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN AN ACA LIABILITY WAIVER.  Stay tuned for a followup post with those links.  But feel free to post your bunk requests or send me a message at: “membership at”

    Note:  we will turn in any unreserved bunkhouses about 2 weeks before the event.  We won’t be able to provide any refunds if you later find out you can’t go, except under extenuating circumstances.  It’s a commitment, okay?

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    Jim put me down for one bunk Fri and Sat night please. Thanks.

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    Greetings – GAF Bunks are now available on-line in the MWA store.  [THANKS CASARA!  This makes things SO much easier!]  We’ll give preference to folks who book both nights, but will try to match up any single night requests. We have 5 4-person bunks for both nights – if more are needed I may have to make some trades (e.g., a 4 for a 6).   IMPORTANT:  we can only refund bunks if a replacement is found, so try to be sure you can attend the event.

    Also, GAF paddlers need to sign the ACA waiver, which is also available on-line.  This is required for those in the MWA-arranged bunks, and appreciated for those paddling with the group.

    NOC GAF Trip, September 22-24, 2017

    ·         Adult –

    ·         Minor –

    See you at GAF!

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    Deborah Alcorn

    I would like to go to GAF. I don’t want to boat but want to take in the fun – I have a mini van that seats 4 comfortably and more not so comfortably. Let me know day/times you can leave and if you would want to ride along.

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    Last call for GAF bunks!  I’m turning in un-reserved bunkhouses later this week for credit.  So far have the Tansil party, Urbas party, DaggerDan, and Warren party.  (Sounds like it will be a real party!)

    Make a commitment, post yer intent, reserve (& pay for) your bunk.

    Also, sign the on-line ACA waiver – don’t make me come after you with a paper form!

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    I will be driving down to GAF with my Wife and hope to be there late morning to mid day Friday and will be camping nearby. Hoping for great weather.

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