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Jason Robinson
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Lake Kilarney is a private community lake.  It would be advisable to get permission from a local landowner before trying to put in on the lake.  In the previous mentioned video, we were lucky enough to have a fellow MWA boater with good connections.  I’ve heard of putting in upstream of lake and paddling across, but it’s quite a bit of extra work.

One more bit of advice.  The MWA is a pretty friendly lot.  If you want to paddle the Saint for your first time, I would try finding some other MWA members that would be willing to paddle down with you.  If you take a swim you will have extra help to gather your boat & gear.  Just be sure to be frank and let people know your experience so they know what they’re getting into.

If D bridge gage is above 0″, there’s a good chance someone will be boating.  Post your intent on this website and hope for some paddle partners!

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