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Dean Zeisset
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Sarah, the AW is pretty spot on, as far as “unrunnable”, on the watershed here.  This time of year dries up reeeeeeally fast.  We’ve been fortunate this spring with all the rains.  The week of July 4th may be pushing it, but hey…..I’ll root for it.

The St. Francis is our main run here.  It’s definitely the last thing running, with any challenge to it, when levels are low.  Stouts is a tributary to the St. Francis and is runnable the day of, or after, a good rain.  The Little St. Francis may be a bit boring for ya.  Of course, it’s all what you’re looking for.

Give me a call before next Tuesday and I can give you some more details.  I’m leaving on the 23rd for Ottawa, Ontario.  I’ll be back the 1st of July.  I’m sure there’d be a couple of us open boaters that’d be happy to paddle with you if there’s water.

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