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jeff clawges
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Hello! Got a couple of things in conservation land I’d like to share with you all.

Operation Stream Clean Stream was a big sucess I think we had 14 people paddle from Sappington bridge to the park. Pretty nice haul of larger trash. Kathy got a tire, Johnny Bling snagged a dryer drum, We also got a couple of lawn chair a concrete block and some miscellaneous trash.

What we didn’t find was hardly any floater trash, No beer cans, coolers boat cushions and cigarette butt that I am accustomed to finding. That was a very pleasant surprise for sure. Maybe people are starting to listen, possibly even care enough to change their behavior. I hope so.

Mark and I will be at the Open Space council wrap up meeting on 9/7 so we will pass on any info we get there.

The St. Louis Aquarium Stream Team is doing a Revamp The Riverfront event on 9/17 Cleaning up the St. Louis Greenway along the Mural Mile. Take a look here for more info Volunteer Information ( It sounds like a fun event let me know if there is any interest it meeting up.

I have a couple people interested in doing some water quality testing sponsored by the MDC. if you’re interested please give me a shout. I’ll need your name and email to get you on team #6414. Check it out here Water Quality Monitoring (

Coming up we will be doing an access cleanup on the Saint. I’ll post something when I get it all lined up.

That’s all folks, Hope to see you all at the picnic.


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