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Freddie Carter
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Will, I will actually be in the US that weekend. I really miss the Ocoee… Have always paddled it at least 10 times per year, at least. Always a great time ! As I have been creeking with all Rafts a lot here, I am a little less impatient with them now! I have 2 boats in the US, but may ship the Red MEGA Rocker here. I am on the fence, as I want a new Flying Squirrel (I think ?) and the thought of shipping an older, used boat here for almost $600, that could start cracking, is making me contemplate shipping a new boat and just laying out more $$$ ….. Either way, I could always rent a boat from the place across from the Gondolier, Rock Creek. I am going to check with Perfesser, and because I am there only 2 weeks to hang with my Mom, I will need to see what her plans for me are. I leave the 24th of June out of Chicago. Lookin forward to my old favorites like Alien, Broken Nose, and Bombing the hell out of the Racecourse ! I will do my best and try and work it out ! Also, True Slackerz don’t really care if they get left behind !! I can catch just about any group on the Ocoee ….. ; > )

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