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Stephen Sheridan
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this might be a little expensive, but the bibs are far superior to any kind of neoprene, with a dry top forms a drysuit equivalent, look around to see if you can find a kayak shed discount code or if they are cheaper somewhere else online, i swam in these and a dry top on the nantahala my first year at gaf and I was bone dry, makes the learning to kayak experience way better, 8 years later my bibs are still in great shape (good investment), as long as you don’t go bushwhacking in them they will last a while, they mate with the dry top really well and take a little longer to put on then a drysuit

not a huge fan of dry pants (really should be called wet pants),


as far as neoprene pants go, the thickness of the neoprene will mean more warmth, whether its hydroskin brand or not go for thicker neoprene, i have the .5mm hydroskin pants that i wear in in more moderate temps, they are comfortable but i have never been impressed with the amount of warmth they provide in a swim situation

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